**This is part 3 of a 3 part series.  Part 1 and 2 are previous posts.

This installment explores the alcohol influence that is a big part of these work trips.

I have come to the conclusion that we have a love/hate relationship with alcohol more than anything else in the world.  On one hand, alcohol is a fantastic social lubricant that enhances face to face interactions like nothing else.  On the other hand, alcohol can be incredibly calorie dense, lead to bad decision making, and cause your next morning/day to be hell.

You can get all of the positive benefits and limit the negative benefits if you follow my advice below:

Moderation is key
You have heard this before but my definition of moderation is a little different.  Typical moderation calls for 2-3 drinks but I find that to be unrealistic at convention events.  Instead, staying in the 3-5 range will be totally fine.  3-5 also seems to be the sweet spot for maximal social performance while not being too drunk.

Type of alcohol to drink
This is so simple- hard liquor with a zero calorie mixer.  Hard liquor examples are whiskey/vodka/gin and zero calorie mixer examples are club soda and diet soda.  This approach has roughly 70 calories per drink which is nothing.  Lite beer is also not a bad choice.  Stay away from sweet shots (loaded with carbs) like Fireball, fruity mixed drinks, and heavy IPA type beers.  5 vodka clubs equals 350 calories while 5 IPA's equals 1,000 or more calories.  That's an easy choice to me.  A common mistake I see people make all the time is thinking that tonic water is the same thing as club soda.  Tonic water is essentially soda and has a significant amount of calories.

As mentioned in the previous blog, hydration is key.  As long as you have consumed a significant amount of water throughout the day, you will be fine the next morning if staying in the 3-5 drink range.  Many people do this already but chug as much water as possible before hitting your pillow.

Don't be the last guy at the bar
If it's just you and a really drunk guy from the Kansas City office left at the bar, chances are you stayed out too late.  A good rule is the leave before midnight.  At that time, you've probably hit the 5 drink limit and staying any longer will just lead to a complete drunken disaster (not to mention a trip to Fatburger at 3am).  I know it's tough to leave when everyone else seems to be having such a great time but you will thank yourself in the morning.  I utilize the old "Irish Goodbye" frequently, even though my wife doesn't approve of this! That is, saying you have to go the bathroom and never come back. 

There you have it- 3 articles on everything you need to know to survive your work conference or convention!

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