The other day, I was thinking- "how much time do I actually spend in my car commuting/driving for work?"  In a normal week I am on the road 4 days with an average of 4 hours/day spent driving.  I'm sure there are millions of people out there with a similar setup.  

Let's do a little math to see what this equates to:

4 hours/day  x  4 days/week  =  16 hours/week

16 hours/week  /  40 hours/week  =  40% of work week

16 hours/week  x  50 weeks  =  800 hours/year

800 hours/year  /  24 hours  =  33 days/year

33 days  /  365 days  =  9% of year

Are you kidding me bro?  40% of my work week, 1+ month per year, and 9% of my total year a.k.a. my life is spent driving for work?  Holy shit, I better find a way to use that time wisely.  About a year ago, that's just what I decided to do.  Prior to that, my daily commute was a complete waste of time.  I'd make a few calls for work but spend hours on end listening to nothing but sports radio.  Finally, I hit a boiling point.  I actually started disliking sports, which I love, because I was immersed in it 24/7.  Too much of anything is going to reach a point of diminishing returns no matter what that is.  That combined with feeling unproductive for such a large part of the day prompted a change.  

While I know there are many things you can do in the car (listening to music, thinking, etc.), I am going to focus on my routine to maximize a commute.  It breaks down into two parts which are 1) business/personal phone calls and 2) learning/growth.

Business and personal phone calls
Since you can't email while driving (seriously, don't do this.  I had some close calls which forced me to stop), make outbound calls that are going to help your business.  I write down a minimum of 5 names to call on a sticky note and put it right on my dashboard. 

Personal calls is something I admittedly am still working on improving.  Just pick one friend or family member to call a day.  That's not a lot to commit to.

Back when I reached my sports radio boiling point, I decided that I wanted to start using my car time to learn as much as possible.  For me, this takes the form of audio books and podcasts.  I have to say this has changed my life.  This blog wouldn't exist without the motivation I received from the many hours of podcasts listened to.  I break down my audiobooks/podcasts into categories and cycle them.  I can't stress how important variety is.  You are not going to grow as a person by just listening to what you are most interested in all the time.  This was very hard for me at first.  All I wanted to listen to was health and fitness podcasts.  However, I have learned the most from recordings that I had no previous interest in or much knowledge on.  Makes sense right? 

I have also found that while driving, we have this unique ability to completely focus and absorb info like a sponge.  I've tried listening podcasts while working, doing chores, etc. and it's just not the same as being in the car.

Here's what my audio book/podcast rotation looks like:

I typically listen to the Sunday 60 Minutes on my Monday AM commute.  Freakanomics Radio is pretty awesome as well

Health and Fitness
My favorites here are The Road to Ripped Podcast (Greg O'Gallagher), Barbell Shrugged, Ben Coomber Radio, and New York Muscle Radio

Personal Development/Business
The Tim Ferriss Show, The School of Greatness (Lewis Howes), Ted Talks, and The Power of Now audiobook (Eckhart Tolle)

Something New
Each week, I'll browse the top podcast charts and pick something new that I have never listened to.  Right now it's Hardcore History by Dan Carlin

Just like with trying to change the way you eat or work out, going from 0 to 100 is not going to be sustainable.  If you are currently 100% music in the car but want to take steps to start maximizing your commute, try one podcast and one phone call a week and slowly increase from there. 

I hope this gave you a fresh perspective on how to start making your commute more productive!



01/02/2016 1:58pm

I've done both and both have pros and cons. I'm not much of a casino player so I like Squaw and Downhill to Incredible any day, but sometimes generating is a stress.

01/13/2016 2:29pm

maximizing your commute is great topic discuss you i read all and give us good idea how maintain my car and how use my mobile when i am in car thanks for sharing .

01/23/2016 4:32am

Much the same as with attempting to change the way you eat or work out, going from 0 to 100 is not going to be maintainable. In the event that you are right now 100% music in the auto however need to find a way to begin boosting your drive, attempt one podcast and one telephone call a week and gradually increment from that point.

02/16/2016 9:42pm

Funny you mention this, I went through the same infatuation and exodus from sports talk radio. I also work in sales and have significant amounts of time on the road each week. Now I have a well rounded lineup of podcasts : 60 minutes and freakonomics as mentioned, the ask Gary Vee show with Gary Vaynervchuk and the MFCEO Project with Andy Frisslla are great business podcasts. And I still keep Zach Lowe from ESPN in the mix for my basketball fix once in awhile!

03/04/2016 4:41am

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