There's this interesting trend I noticed where people don't want to admit that their primary driver for fat loss is to look good.  Here are the most common answers I receive to the question "why do you want to lose weight?"  1) to be healthier, 2) to get in shape, and 3) to feel better.  When digging deeper, these vague answers tend to be a cover up for some aesthetic motivation.  It's as if we are embarrassed to show any level of vanity.  If you are 30 pounds overweight and not happy with the way you look, what's wrong with saying that you want to look lean and ripped?  If that's what will keep you motivated throughout your journey, have at it.

It's OK to be vain.

Seriously, who doesn't want to look good naked?  I have no shame in admitting that I love having shredded abs, big shoulders, and bicep veins.  That's not the only reason I am dedicated to health and fitness but it's definitely a big factor.  

The only caveat here is setting the MOTIVATION to to look good.  If it is for yourself, i.e. feeling comfortable wearing a bikini to the beach for the first time, that is fine.  If you are thinking that all of your current problems will go away if you are skinny, a rude awakening is around the corner.  Stressors/life problems tend to be underlying issues that aren't related to our physiques.  I can tell you that whether I am 205 lbs and fluffy or 180 lbs and shredded, I still have the same problems.  People don't like me more when my abs are popping and the stress of hitting a sales goal at work doesn't get any easier when I am lean.

Embrace the idea of wanting an incredible physique, just don't do it for the wrong reasons!



03/12/2016 4:40am

There is no doubt that mostly people nowadays want to loose their weight and but they have different reasons to do it. Few of them want to loose weight to be healthier and few of them want to do it to get shape but few of them want to feel better.

08/27/2016 12:27am

I love the body building and doing the lot of effort for doing the good body shape. Mostly boys start the gym and not take the proper diet but this is a very bad. Diet is very necessarily for maintain the body level during gym training.

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