Part 2 of a two part series.  Part 1 was posted last week if you missed it!

Now that we got the general recommendations out of the way in Part 1, let's dive into specifics on where and how to work out while traveling. While there are several ways people exercise, I am going to break this down into a few categories for simplicity purposes.    

  • Runners: You know what to do.  Running is running, so just do it outdoors if you have the opportunity.  I've noticed a lot of areas now have running routes/paths near big hotel areas which is pretty cool. If you don't use the app Strava to track your runs, check it out.  There are usually built into "challenges" that others have done in your area that are fun to try and compete against.

  • Just trying to stay in shape peeps: Run outside/on the hotel treadmill or do some High Intensity Interval Training (google HIIT workouts or hotel workouts and you will find hundreds).  It doesn't have to be overly complicated- body weight workouts that include pushups, air squats, and burpees is fine. You can even run through a circuit of lifting weights at the hotel gym although they will be fairly light weights.  Whatever you do, push yourself and get your heart rate up for at least 20 minutes.  

  • Crossfitters: One of the coolest things about Crossfit is that no matter where you go, a "box" is probably within 15 minutes.  Typically, they will allow for drop ins for $20.  I used to do this all the time when I dabbled in Crossfit.  Warning- CF boxes are hit or miss on coaching quality and programming.  After googling what boxes are close to you (literally type crossfit and the town you are staying in), research their websites and facebook/instagram pages and find one that you like.

  • Weightlifters/Powerlifters/Bros: I'm just going to assume right off the bat that a hotel gym isn't going to cut it (although I was just at Aria in Vegas and their gym was better than the gym I go to everyday at home, so you may luck out).  Although, check ahead of time as I've seen some hotels have dumbbells up to 100 lbs along with all the machines you are used to at your hometown gym.  Luckily, if your hotel gym sucks there are a lot of solutions.  First, call your hotel ahead of time to see if they have any partnerships set up with any local gyms.  In a recent trip to Tampa, my hotel had free weekly passes to a Golds Gym right around the corner.  That is the bro jackpot right thur'.  Here's what I typically end up doing on these trips- go to www.Gymvisit.com and do a search for the city you are staying in.  This site is awesome.  A full listing of every gym with a review of each pops up.  I even found a great gym in Rome a few months ago through Gymvisit.com.  What you want to really be checking for is the equipment and whether or not they allow drop ins.  If you really can't find anything or are in a remote area, go to a Crossfit gym and tell them you are doing your own workout.  At the very least, they have barbells so you can deadlift/bench/squat (which you should probably be doing anyway).  Just don't start doing bicep curls with the barbell or you will get a kipping pull up to the face by an avid Crossfitter.  No gym or Crossfit gym in your area?  Make do with what you can in the hotel gym.  If the dumbbells are light just make up the volume by doing a high amount of reps until you get that same fatigue from heavier weights.  

  • Not planning to workout crowd:  I go this route from time to time.  I will plan my lifting rest days to land on days I am away which may mean taking less rest in the preceding week to get the same workout volume in.  Back in my bro science days (aka not knowing what the F I was doing), I thought taking more than 3 days off from lifting weights would burn all my muscle away.  It takes way longer than that for muscle to break down, so don't stress about losing your gains.  Remember, try to get some level of activity in even if you don't plan on working out like usual.  Go for a walk/jog outside of your hotel or run on the treadmill.  Again, even though you are taking days off think about active recovery and burning a few cals for the nighttime feast/all of the sitting you will probably be doing.  If you truly do not want to do ANYTHING exercise related, that's fine.  In this situation, I'd turn the attention to your sleep and focus on maybe getting a few extra hours in that you don't get at home.  A massage is always a plus if you have time/money for it.

Remember- set a goal for your exercise and hold yourself accountable.  Plan your workout times, routines, and where you will be working out ahead of time.  Follow these rules and you won't skip a beat while traveling!

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